The premise of the story
Jacqui is shocked when her girlfriend, Frankie, returns to their flat, the day after her tragic death. Life continues as usual until Frankie starts to blur.

It's impossible to know how much work it takes to make a short film, until you have made a short film. As an amateur filmmaker and frustrated screenwriter I decided to stop waiting for someone else to swoop down from the heavens and offer to produce my screenplay. I decided to make it myself.

And it is not finished yet.

We are currently looking for people to do the post-production, since the end of production there have been a few false starters which have delayed the last stages, and funding is always an obstacle.

Words on Screen International Screenplay Competition
This is an interesting short script that gives its audience both an intense and engagingly intimate story ... The plot flows at a perfect and appropriate pace; this shows that the writer knows how to tell a story.
2013 Creative World Awards
Definitely this story has outstanding commercial potential. Audiences could easily relate to the theme of trying to hold onto dead loved ones and trying to keep their memories from fading.
You can read it for yourself, here is the 22 page final draft as a PDF download or fountain mark-down.

Our amazing cast

We auditioned 28 people for the three roles. Here are the three actors who got the part, and the respective character's biography.


by Miranda Nolan

She is a calm and orderly young woman, in her early 30s, she is straight and unexpectedly fell in love with a woman, Frankie. She is fair haired, with blue eyes, and a feminine, burlesque build. She is an unstoppable force and tends to obsessive compulsion.


by Nicola Stuart-Hill

She has seen it all and done it all and miraculously survived her own self destruction. She is chaos. Frankie, early 30s, gay and heavily tattooed, with dark hair and eyes, and never expected to fall in love, but she did. It frightens her.


by Andy Lucas

The fatherly Italian proprietor of a café very close to Jacqui and Frankie's apartment. He is fond of the girls and admires their relationship. He is a retired military man in his 70s, he's strong willed, wise and stubborn.

The production crew

As a first time director I was frightened by this part. Finding the right people to do the job. Maybe it was beginners luck but I found an amazing crew by asking experienced filmmakers for advice, and then following that advice.


Focus puller


DIT & Grip


2nd AD


Art director


Ass. art director

coming soon ...

Image gallery

Here are a selection of frame grabs from the current version of the edit, and a few stills from taken during production

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